Lux Boosters

President: Margo Schnell

Co-President: Kristy Manzitto

Vice President: Jodie Paprocki

Secretary: Michelle West

Co-Secretary: Tracy Reichmuth

Treasurer: Andrea Davenport

The board will be rounded out by Principal Duane Dohmen, Lori Feldman teacher representative and a parent representative who will be elected in the fall.

We want to thank these new board members and everyone who participated in the elections for their hard work in launching the Lux Boosters. We also want to extend a special thanks to Jane Quiring who has put great time and effort into drafting our bylaws.

This is an exciting time to partner with teachers, administrators and other parents to promote the mission of Lux Middle School. Please contact the Office anytime with questions or concerns, 402-436-1220.