Student Announcements

 WEDNESDAY, January 29

  • Harry Potter club will meet TOMORROW.
    1. Mathcounts practice
    2. Book fair starts
  • Lincoln East Student Council info in Office – finished application and recommendations due February 4.
  • WAY TO GO:
    1. Aeryn H. – Aeryn is always prepared for class with all her needed materials and her homework completed. She works well with others and is a leader among her peers. We are so glad that Aeryn is part of team 8B!!
    2. Kiley K. – Kiley is always respectful to other students and staff members. She gets her work done on time and does it to a high level. Kiley is kind and helpful to all the students – both in the classroom and around Lux.
    3. Bryce O. – Bryce is a kind and thoughtful young man. He shows empathy and kindness around peers and adults. He works hard in the classroom and gets assignments in on time. Way to go, Bryce!
    4. Jackson B. – Jackson is very respectful to adults and peers. He does quality work and makes sure he gets all his assignments when he is not present in class. Keep up the good work!
    5. Kelsey R. – Kelsey is an extremely respectful and responsible student. She consistently has her work done well and on time and follows expectations. She is a blessing to have in class.
    6. Mackenzie T. – Mackenzie is a stellar example of an outstanding student. She prepares her work thoroughly and comes with a positive attitude every day!! She is also very helpful whenever the opportunity arises.
    7. Soren B. – Soren manages his busy schedule with his academics flawlessly. He takes pride in all aspects of his involvement. Super great kid!!
    8. Logan H. – Logan shows great decision-making skills all the time. He is kind and accepting of others and displays respect to adults. Best of all, his humility is indicative of his overall demeanor.
  • Challenge for the week:  . . .      set goals.   
  • Quote of the week: . . .  The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do.   – Kobe Bryant
  •  Today is an X day.
  • Lunch today…      Tangerine chicken, Lasagna, Stuffed crust cheese pizza