Student Announcements



Student Announcements Wednesday, September 19, 2018



  • Look Great in Lux Gear – Only a few days left to stock up on Lux t-shirts, shorts, joggers, hoodies and more. Get info in the Office or on the Lux website.



  • Lunch in the Library

– 7/8th graders – TODAY


  • The first Lux MakerSpace of the year will be TOMORROW, after school in the library. This month’s event is “Digital Breakout.”


  • Book Fair starts FRIDAY!!!!


  • 8th graders – there’s room for only 15 more students on the spring break DC/NYC trip. Sign up online – information is in the office.


  • Got BoxTops??? Bring them into the Office by October 12.


  • WAY TO GO . . .


Josiah M. – Josiah demonstrates responsibility by always getting his school work turned in on time. He is respectful to his teachers and fellow students and his teachers enjoy having him in class!

Maddie L. – Maddie is an outstanding member of team 8B! She has an infectious smile and personality and always gives her very best effort!! She works well with her peers and is respectful to her teachers. Keep it up!!

Marleigh M. – Marleigh is an exceptional student. She produces quality work and keeps on top of her studies. In addition, Marleigh exhibits outstanding character. She is a great role model for many here at Lux.

Saket R. – Saket is an outstanding young man! He is consistently courteous to teachers and students. Saket produces excellent work and cares deeply about learning and getting better day by day! Keep it going, Saket!

Sara A. – Sara is always prepared to her classes, with her homework done. She follows along and is an active participant in her education.

Anna T. – Anna comes to class prepared to learn and with a positive attitude. She’s a delight to have in class.

Quentin L. – Quentin is kind to teachers and students. He respects the school, cleans up after himself and participates in class in a way that helps teachers teach and students learn.

Parker B. – Parker is a great student to have on the 8A team. He is super respectful to all of his teachers and friends.


  • Challenge for the week: … BE ON TIME


  • Today is an X day.


  • Lunch today: Cherry chicken, Hamburger pizza, Nebraska bun, Hummus